Referral Program

This Referral Program was created to share useful information with a friends and get bonus. Elite referral program provides an all-in-one Security solutions. Let us do the work, while you earn the Cash back.

Any registered users can refer a unique link to a friend from my account  

Once your friend has completed an order via your referral link/ referral code, you will be rewarded a 5% Cash Back bonus for each new customer you refer with paid invoice. With this bonus code, you can exchange your 5% bonus with purchase from all the products available in Elite online Shop web with a new order. (i.e. You can either use for purchase  or claim cash back transferred to your bank account.

Yes. It is free for everyone to register. You do not have any commitment to make purchase or to refer. Certainly, if you are satisfied with our service and solution, it would be an honor and privilege to be referred and trusted.

Please try to log in with Facebook/Google or by the email address and password you believe to be registered with us. If an incorrect password message appears, please click forget password and reset password. If our system does not recognise your email address, it means you do not have an account with us.

fin your refer code

You just need to share your auto-generated Unique Referral Code with your connections

Copy the link and share it with your friend on social media or email account  

Referral code will be generated automatically once the customer signs-up.  

There’s no limitation of the number of bonus you can receive from successful referrals. You will be rewarded for each successful referral cash back bonus. 

There are a few criteria for this referral program:

1. Your friend is a new customer to Elite.

2. Your friend makes the first order via your referral link/ used your referral code.

3. The order is a complete & invoiced, not pending or other status.

When these conditions are met, after the refound period compete (15 days) your bonus cash back should arrive at your account straight away. You will also get an email notification for the bonus reward. 

You will receive an email notification with the invoice code & awarded bonus.

Alternatively, you can login to your account and click ‘My Account’, then click ‘Refer and ear’. You will find ‘Earned Amount ’  & 'Signed Up friends' at the bottom of the page and you can click on Detailed View to see full list. reference link 

Yes, absolutely! You can use all collective referral bonus at once on shopping cart checkout, a checkbox will appear, you just need to select to use the available amount 

Yes. Once rewarded with a Bonus, you need to use the available bonus otherwise it will expire in 365 days.

Referral link and code are applicable to all new referred customers only. In other words, if user sends referral link to another user that is registered on our website and on the first invoiced order only (First invoice and not second etc.), Bonus will be posted and message will be sent to referrer

You can get 10% Cash Back bonus for your first order using referred link. The refer bonus will be applied at checkout automatically if you complete the checkout via the referral link. Alternatively, if you are given a referral code, you can visit our website as usual and add the referral code as a promo code at checkout. You will receive 10% off all eligible items in the cart as well.

All the products at Shop are eligible for the 10% Cash Back Bonus for referral and 5% Cash Back Bonus for referee. However, It should apply to all items.

Please reach us to or call us o +968 24460800

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